Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Quebec City

the MKG went on a UFO weekend to Que city . wehad a marvelous time , got there friday P>M had supper then , sat in the lobby and chatted and knit. I had a great room mate. Sat we went a muesum to see the students knitting , very very nice, and then to the wool shop of course, where they have a lot of sock yarn ( a whole room of it ) so bought 2 balls for socks and 3 shawl pins, and ebony needles for socks.
then we went back to the hotel and went to one room , where we snacked and had wine, then off to dinner in a great restaurant , we were in a room by ourselves and had two waiters and soft piano music in the back ground. then back to hotel where sat in the lobby and knitted the nite away
sunday it rained so i just went to a gift store and did some xmas shopping, and then just sat in the lobby and knit again,
every one that passes looks at us like what knitting in the lobby . then back home sunday afternoon

Monday, April 09, 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007

knitting fun

I went to the knitting course by Lucy Neatby, on saturday and sunday, very ,very nice, really enjoyed it and learned a lot, only hope i remember it when i go to use it. the button hole course was wonderful, and she had beautiful things kniited up, the double sided blanket was so nice and all her colors are so nice.
She is a great teacher and has so many patience, she helps every one , she goes around the tables to every one . and her patterns are well written.
I mailed off my purse to my pal today, hope she likes it. and all the goodies in it.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


this blog works as i have been having trouble, and i need it as i signed up for secret pal 10.
i am almost finished my sweater and am knitting a dish cloth for a swap now.
pictures later

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

secret pal 10- questions

no 1 what is your favorite yarn to knit- anything but acrylic and fun fur
no 2, where do you store you needles
- in cloth bags in a ruubermaid box
no 3-how long have i been knitting- 60 plus year
no 4-do you have a amazon wish list - no
no 5what is your favorite scent- lavender
no 6- do you have a sweet tooth- yes
no. 7what other crafts do you do, card making
no8- what kind of music do you like- easy listening
no 9- what are your favorite colors- pinks and purples
no.10-do you have any pets= no
no 11-do you wear scarves, hats, mittens yes
no 12-what is your favorite thing to knit- anything
no 13=what are you knitting now- vest, sweater, bag, socks
no 14-do you like to receive knitted things - yes
no 15=what needles do yu like - circular, bamboo and addi turbos
no 16-do you have a swift and ball winder- yes
no 17- how old if you ufo - about 2 years
no.18-what is your favorite holiday= Christmas
no 19-is there anything you collect, snow babies, and silver crystal
no 20-is there any books , patterns yarn or needles you would like - yes the square needles
no 21- are there any new technigues you would like to learn, not at the moment
no 22- are you a sock knitter yes and nmy shoe size is 8
any other questions feel free to ask

Friday, February 02, 2007

Feb 2nd and ground hog day

also my birthday, my family and friends had a supper at a restaurant for me on sat. i was surprised.
i am still knitting on my sweater, but want to start my vest from ( grand river yarns). i knit 2 pair of mitts for the mitten challenge at guild . on feb 13th,
we will be having a pyjama party and watch a movie abour knitting of course,
should be fun.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Question and answers for my purse swap

no.1 what are your favorite yarn and what do you dislike
i like all natural fibres,

no2.what do you store your needles in
i store them a needle tree and zip lock bags

no3 how long have you been knitting and who thaught you
i have been knitting for 60+ years and my grandmother taught me

no4 do you have an amazon ish list
no5 what is your favorite scent
vanilla or lavender

no 6 do you have a sweet tooth
oh yes
no 7 do you do other crafts
yes card making

no8what is your favorite colors and what do you not like
i like purples and pinks. i hate browns ans black
no.9what is your family sitiation do you have any pets
i am a widow and i have no pets

no.10 what are your favorite items to knit
i like to knit anythingn
no 11 what are knitting right now
a dish cloth and a sweater

no 12
do you prefer straight or circle needles.
i like bamboo circle needles

no.13 is there any thing you collect
snowbabies and stitch markers

thats it,